Runtime Error 53 : Opening Pastel

OutlinePervasive is not installed correctly or there is a conflict between Pervasive and BTrieve.Solution / DetailNeed to Run PSA and reinstall Pervasive by doing the following: This error is a conflict between Btrieve and Pervasive. Dependant upon the multi – user serial number, check which pervasive to reinstall . Search for the file wbtrv32.exe, it probably does not exist.As an example we will use V8wge :- Insert the pastel cd and close the auto- run.- Open windows explorer and double click on the cd rom drive .- Double click on Pvsw.- Double click on V8wge.- Double click on Psa .- Double click on Setup.exe .This will install the Pervasive Sytem Analyser.- run the Pervasive System Analyser- Select the option Delete Components and archives.- Choose local machine.- delete both options of pervasive that appear.- Restart the computer .- Open windows explorer.- Double click on the cd rom drive .- Double click on pvsw.- Double click on v8wge .- Double click on Setup.exe.This procedure will install pervasive successfully . Ensure that the Anti-Virus software is disabled when installing. This may result in the wbtrv32.exe file not been installed again.- Can also get errors when pervasive is not installed

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