Runtime Error 5 : Supplier invoices

When you update a supplier invoice and you do receive the message Run Time Error 5 when you want to update – after you have deleted the default and control files – there is a invoice that does not have a supplier invoice number

The user file is corrupt – recreate the user again or overwrite the user file making backups.

Status 94: Updating an Invoice Batch

Description: Got error when attempting to update an invoice batch.
Solution: deleting the DIROPEN.DAT file from workstation

Status 11 file 44 accstop

Access the pervasive monitor active users check what files are open under which user is open and which files.
Restart the network.
If the error persists check for loc files (before deleting the file check the contents and make sure it has not been setup for the gateway)
Also check windows explorer.
Locate the pastel04 directory and double click on it.
Double click on the company.
Highlight one of the files and then select control + a (this will highlight all the files)
Right click on the highlighted portion and left click on properties.
Ensure that the attributes are on archive.

Runtime Error 9 : Tax Box Report

You have to overwrite the tax files acctdesc, acctdesc1, acctxrep, accprmtx and acctbox, preferably by copying those from the demo company.
You must ensure that the parameters, percentages and box layout is setup thereafter.

Runtime Error 13 : Type mismatch going into Edit/ Manufacturing of materials.

After converting data from version 6.2 to partner 2004, you receive a runtime error 13 type mismatch, when going into Edit/ Manufacturing of materials.
There are exponents in the percent fields in the accbomh.dat file. This results in the error message. To correct this, the fields will have to be cleared with DDF or Btrbrowser. Send data to us for a datafix.

Continually losing the last line of the batch

The accbtn.db in your Pastel directory is corrupt. Delete the accbtn.db and re-install or get Pastel to send you a new one.

Label 1 when setting your paper style (version 4)

Then your customer/supplier parameter file is corrupt.
Solution: Copy the accprmdc.dat file from a backup or overwrite the file and re-setup all your parameters for customers and suppliers. You can try and overwrite the font file as well:
Create a backup of the data.
Close pastel.
Open windows explorer and locate the Pastel 04 and then the company.
In the company, locate a file called accfont.dat, right click on rename. Rename the file to accfont.old. Double click on pastel 04, double click on language, locate the file and left click on copy. Right click on your company and left click on paste. Locate the file called accfont.eng right click on the file and left click on rename.
Rename the file to accfont.dat if you try to set your paper style and you get the error message “label”

Error 116 after restoring

It restored a ~PVSW~.LOC in the company directory, all you need to do is delete this file.

Runtime Error 9 : Subscript Out Of Range On Bank Recon

There is still an open cash book batch for the recon that you opened, two possible solutions, export, delete and reimport batch or if problem still persists and you found out that you can not update the batch in a copy company then the batch is corrupt therefore it must be deleted and re-entered.

Difference between Inventory Control Account and Inventory Valuation

Differences between the Inventory Control Account and the Inventory Valuation Report will be the result of the following:
– Inventory being integrated into the General Ledger.
– Allowing negative inventory processing.
– A customer invoice with a specific inventory item being captured beforethe corresponding supplier invoice has been captured.
-Changing the cost price when processing a customer invoice.

If this situation arises, the following corrective steps should be taken :Please ensure that a backup is made before doing this.The corrective steps are divided into three parts:
Step 1. Reversing the incorrectly stated (e.g. average cost, quantities etc.) inventory items.
Step 2. Entering the correct figures for the inventory items.
Step 3. Correcting the General Ledger accounts.
Step 1 and 2 will be done using Inventory Journals, step 3 can be done using the General Journal.
Step 1 – Reversing inventory items
Before any journals are done, the following options must be selected (Ensure that the checkboxes for these options are checked):
– The option under Setup Inventory Configuration Allow Negative Inventory.
– The option under Setup Inventory Prices Make Average cost 0.00 when Zero on Hand.
Print an inventory valuation report for the current period under View Inventory InventoryValuation. This report will show you the inventory quantities and the average cost of the specificitem.
– To reverse the inventory items go to Process Inventory Journals.
– Process entries to make the quantities on hand zero, leaving the average cost at the incorrect amount.
– Update the batch.
Step 2 – Entering correct inventory itemsPrint an inventory valuation report under View Inventory Inventory Valuation. Ensure that thequantities and average costs of all inventory items are zero.
– To enter the correct quantities and average prices of the inventory items go to Process Inventory Journals and enter the correct quantity on hand as well as the correct average cost price.
– Update the batch.
Step 3 – Correcting the General Ledger AccountsCompare the balances of the Inventory Valuation Report to the Inventory Control Account in the Trial Balance – Any discrepancies need to be journalised. You will need to determine which accounts are affected in these journal adjustments.Note that after the above steps have been completed, the following options must be unchecked:
– The option under Setup Inventory Configuration Allow Negative Inventory.- The option under Setup Inventory Prices Make Average cost 0.00 when Zero on Hand.

Internal Precision Variance

This error generally occurs when trying to update the cashbook or the journal screen. This basically is associated with rounding of the tax on the batch entered. However there was a problem on the version 6 regarding the regional settings that through the out an internal precision variance when trying to update. Make sure that you are on the latest build of Pastel.

However, setting the negative format under the regional settings below sorted this out. In order to sort out the number format under regional settings follow the steps below:
1. Close Pastel completely and then go to Start – Settings – Control Panel – Regional Settings.
2. In the regional settings there are many options – click on the various tabs and make sure that you are set for the options listed below:
· Country – English SA
· Negative number format = –1.1
· Short date style – dd/mm/yy
· Long date style – dd mmmm, yyyy
· When you have made changes on the regional setting you would click on apply – ok… but please shutdown and start up again for the changes to take affect.

Regarding the Internal Precision Variance on Pastel for any other builds as well as the version 6, please follow the following steps:

1. Please make a backup of the data in Pastel
2. Then go to cashbook or journal batch that is giving you the error.
3. Click on Batch – export – give the batch a file name with the extention .csv
4. Make sure that you have saved the file to something like my documents – by browsing in and saving the file.
5. Then back on the same batch screen click on delete – delete whole batch.
6. Then click on Batch – import – browsing for the saved file – bring the batch back to Pastel.
7. Then try to update the batch again.
8. Should you still be having the same error when trying to update the batch lease then close that journal or cashbook screen and go to set-up – entry types – on that screen you would have all the journals and cashbooks that fall under the entry types – for the cashbook or journal – that is giving the error message – please tick on the contra in detail column.
9. Then go back to the cashbook or journal and using the tab key on the keyboard – tab from line to line, column to column and re-enter the tax code each time.
10. Then try the update again.
11. Should the problem prevail – please also make sure that you are using the latest build of the version you are currently on

Second Scenario:
If you are using multi-currencies, retype in the home currency amounts & then update.

Corruption and Subscript out of range issues

The following “corruption” and “subscript out of range” issues have been noted:

Corruption Issues

1. Invoicing If the unit and quantity is greyed out when linking an Invoice to an Order, the History lines (ACCHISTL.DAT) file is normally corrupt. Rebuilding this file can solve the problem.

2. Reprinting Invoices When reprinting invoices and the lines come out blank, the History lines (ACCHISTL.DAT) file is normally corrupt. Rebuilding this file can solve the problem.

3. Last Year Profit and Loss If you receive a report that your last year profit and loss is out of balance, you need to run the Data Integrity with the Verify and Fix option.

4. Master File Balance When running the Detailed Ledger and you receive a master file balance with the total, running the Data Integrity with the Verify and Fix option, solves this problem.

5. Unposted When viewing your Inventory Quantities report and you have quantities under Unposted, you need to run the Data Integrity with the rebuild batch quantities

Subscript Out Of Range Issues

1. Converting When converting from Version 3 to Version 4 and Version 5 you receive a message ” Subscript out of Range” as a result of Open Batches that exist.

2. Open Company When opening a company in Version 5, and you receive a message “Subscript out of Range”, you can solve this by rebuilding the Open Item file (ACCOI.DAT) for this company.Delete the default (ACCDFLT.DB0) file. You are trying to open a company that has already been opened in a later version of Pastel.

3. Printing When Printing Statements / Remittances for Customers / Suppliers and you receive a message “Subscript out of Range”, this is usually a result of Open Item Customers / Suppliers. You need to change these customers, giving the message, from Open Item to Balance Brought Forward and back to Open item.

4. Running a Verify When running a Data Integrity and you receive a message “Subscript out of Range”, this indicates a corruption on the transactions. Rebuild the ACCTRN.DAT, ACCHISTH.DAT and the ACCHISTL.DAT files. Alternatively send the data in for a data fix.This can also indicate the paper size being incorrectly specified.

5. Report Writer When you run a report in Report Writer and you receive a message “Subscript out of Range”, you need to rebuild the transaction file (ACCTRN.DAT) to solve the problem.

6. Inventory Journals When Updating a batch in the Inventory Journals and you receive a message “Subscript out of Range”, confirm that your Setup…Entry types…Contra in detail is checked.

7. Overflow When receiving an “Overflow” message while processing documents, you need to rebuild the History lines (ACCHISTL.DAT) and History header (ACCHISTH.DAT) files.

Error 2147417848 (80010108)

2147417848 (80010108).
Automation error, object invoked disconnected from client

1. Close Pastel and go into START… ALL PROGRAMS… SOFTLINE PASTEL… PASTEL PARTNER 2009… click on COMPONENTS UTILITY… leave the black screen (components utility) to close down automatically.
2. Remove all of the printer drivers
3. Restart the computer
4. Add the printer\s

Multiple companies in ‘File – Open’ Screen

Multiple companies in file open on accounting and payroll

Below please find the instructions to correct your pastel errors.
Runtime error 35602. Key is not unique in collection.
Runtime error 440. Automation error.


To look for server name, go to help about in Pastel and see “Registration Server”

Error status 8 or 2

To rebuild a file (not all files can be rebuilt so check first)

Make a back up of your data.
Go to Start … Programs … Softline Pastel … Pastel Partner/Xpress 2007 or 2009 … Rebuild Utilty
Select your C drive (or the drive where your data is on)
Double click on Pastel 07/Xpress07 (or 09) in the second block
Double click on the company folder under the Pastel07/Xpress 07 (or 09) folder in the block
In the last block, double click on the relevant file(s) and click on rebuild.

Once the rebuild uitility is completed it will display the number of rebuilt records. It should display as record number(#) out of a number (#) (#)should be the same
If the number is not the same then the file is corrupt and a restore from a previous backup with the error is needed.

Epson Printers

Epson printers are compatible withe the following drivers.

The EPSON range is recommended for the following drivers.

Dot Matrix Printers

– EPSON LX300 cd = EPSON LX or Epson sp2400 = IBM Graphics = EPSON FX 80 or = EPSON FX 850 Epson Fx86e



– OKKI cd = IBM Pro Printer

Ink Jet Printers


– IBM Graphics Printer or Download the Printer Driver from the EPSON website, EPSON.CO.UK.

LaserJet Printers

– HP Prnters cd = HP Laserjet cd = HP LaserJet 5L

When printing on a stand-alone machine and it says it”s printing but nothing comes out.

– Download EPSON 900 driver from the EPSON website.

This usually occurs on the EPSON Ink jet printers i.e. EPSON Color printer 700 models.

When printing in Pastel and invalid text is coming out i.e. @$*/\? Etc, this means that the printer driver is corrupt.

– You must now reinstall the driver.

Data was accessed…

Data was accessed … Time on computer must have been wrong
Delete Xcopy.bin

More than 2 companies on Xpress Startup

Delete company.dat and companypath.dat from the custom/registrations folder if you get the error : more than 2 companies on Xpress start up. This normally occurs if you have done a year end and clicked on create a new company. (Startup is only for 1 company) When you do a year end in Xpress startup, you cannot create a new company, you must do the year end in the existing company and cannot create a copy company.

Reload Program

One or more companies deleted in Pastel

Close Pastel down on the workstations.

Go to server, remove all companies and add them back.
Go to the workstations and activate the companies

UIF on Commission earnings


To avoid getting errors and warnings on your uif declaration, confirm that on the employees masterfile for the employees earning only commission, under the statutory tab that UIF Exempt is ticked and reason for non contribution 05 – Commission Only Employee has been selected. Also confirm that the UIF Transaction on the payslip (Transaction code 8045 and 9045) are displaying null values.