Payroll Outsourcing

Monthly Charges

Monthly charges will depend on the amount of employees each customer requires on the payroll per pay frequency.

Services offered to you:

  1. Preparing the payroll including the processing of overtime, loans, bonus schedules, advances, travel claims, retrenchments, directors fees, etc
  2. Processing changes in banking details of individual employees.
  3. Processing employee’s annual, sick, compassionate and other leave days taken.
  4. Processing the Retirement Funding Income to reflect on the annual IRP5s.
  5. Advising Management of the total salary cost to be deposited in the bank account.
  6. Submission of electronic UIF declaration file to the UIF commissioner.
  7. Preparing a schedule to advise Management of the amounts due for statutory payments (PAYE, SDL, UIF and RSC) and other third party payments (e.g. medical aids, retirement funds, garnishee orders, etc.).
  8. Providing you with various payroll reports as agreed on during the set-up phase.
  9. All payslips and reports will be emailed to you unless otherwise agreed upon.
  10. Preparing electronic IRP5 and IT3(a) certificates, as required by SARS.
  11. Submission of the electronic IRP5 and IT3(a) certificates to SARS.



In the event that Management requires printed payslips to be couriered to the premises of their choice these charges will be levied at R100.00 excl vat.

Pre-Printed Stationery

In the event that Management requires Abacus Services to supply printed payslips on pre-printed stationery, a charge of R1.50 per payslip will be levied.